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Acting Out! A Closer Look At How Improv Classes Can Help With Anxiety

If you have struggled with anxiety for a long time, you have likely tried many different ways to help you overcome the struggles you face with everyday situations. Most people who suffer from anxiety will try things like therapy, medications, or even basic things like breathing exercises and relaxation methods. However, there is one other form of therapy that comes in an unlikely form. Improv theater classes are often thought of as a fun pastime hobby for people who are interested in acting. However, this fun activity can also do a lot for your anxiety issues. 

Improv helps you to overcome some of your social anxieties. 

People who suffer from anxiety often have issues being in a crowd of people or even just being around people they don't know very well. This fear can stem from a lot of things, such as prior bad experiences or fear of being embarrassed. During improv classes, pretty much everyone in the room is in the same situation as you, which is before an audience they probably don't know very well and in a situation that is unfamiliar. This scenario can force you out of your shell in a comfortable atmosphere. 

Improv classes can help you to develop decision-making skills. 

Improv is all about acting at the spur of the moment without any prior training, practicing, or learning. Being on the spot repeatedly in a situation where you are just acting for fun can help you develop decision-making skills that can actually be applied in other situations. For example, if you have anxiety that affects how you converse with strangers, improv can develop your decision-making skills so you will not have such a hard time deciding what you should say if someone approaches you. 

Improv theater classes can actually develop acting skills that can boost your confidence. 

People who have no prior acting abilities and may not even think they're interested in acting often are surprised to find they actually like acting when they take improv theater classes. having to take the spotlight and act on demand can truly help you find new characters within yourself that you don't mind sharing. You may even find that you are pretty good at acting, which can be a huge self-confidence boost because you will have developed a new skill. Boosting your confidence is a huge part of overcoming anxiety and may help you see new meaning for your life. 

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